Friday, May 25, 2018

A triple "A" (AAA) post that has nothing to do with your age

The triple-A Cards challenge this week is 

"Inspired by Nature"

Did I mention it must be a CAS card? Check out their site by clicking the photo above for all the rulesy rules :)

Did you read the last post about Little Boy Blue and Furry Friends?
Go check it out Bestie! You'll find out what we shook hands on. 
Here, I'll help you out! CLICK TO FIND OUT

And now back to our regularly scheduled
fabulous card reveal!

If you missed it, I'm totally on Youtube! The leaf was made using alcohol inks, and a silver mixative on the back of photo paper. 

(Actually there is a total SERIES, watch a few and let me know what you think in the comments, don't be shy!)

Here's another view of the card laying flat
so you can see just how much SHINE comes from
the silver mixative!

Whoa baby! Bring on the SHINE!
That's fantastic! 

You can find a whole list of supplies to make these wonderfully shiny and delicious things under the video in the description box! If you click on my links to purchase, 
that sends a small commission so that I can keep harassing, I mean entertaining you here on my blog!
(and also on Youtube)

Check out AAA Cards Challenge if you have time :)

See you next post Bestie! I sure do love having you around.
Let's do coffee soon!


  1. Beautiful leaf! Love that gorgeous inking and amazing shine! Thanks for joining in with the Inspired by Nature Challenge at AAA Cards.

    1. Thank you Jane! This came from a series I did on youtube using alcohol inks and Yupo paper, though there are so many more ways you can use it! xoxo Jen

  2. Jen, I love your card! This blue-silver leaf looks amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your card with us at AAA Cards Challenge. - Sweet Kobylkin
    Join in our 4th Birthday Celebration at AAA Cards Challenge.

  3. That leaf looks awesome!!! Thanks for joining AAA Cards! Hugs Åsa